Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Semana 34 - Goodbye Marietta, You Guys Were in Atlanta, Freaking Out Like a Little Girl

Dear everyone,

I'm writing today cuz we had Zone P-day and we were in Atlanta the whole day. This e-mail may be short as well because I don't have much time today cuz I'M BEING TRANSFERED!!!! Hahaha it's true, little Heimuli is finally out of his greenie area after...a long time:) I'm also going to be whitwashing an area so that's gonna be a little difficult. We got the calls last night and it was crazy! The only ones staying in the district are Anderson and Prince.

(L to R: District elders Hendy, Heimuli, Prince, Quinonez, Wood & Anderson)

From what we hear, there's gonna be a lot of changes this transfer to the whole Spanish side of the mission. I'll let you all know how everything goes next letter! So today I will be saying goodbyes and packing all my stuff! I'm really excited to see new things and see how the other areas are--I am a little bummed because the area is starting to take off but oh well!

I got that one package you sent me! That's really funny how you guys were in Atlanta and didn't even try to come to Marietta...lame sauce. Ha I'm joking! Good job! Most obedient family ever!

(Houston, Hev & Harri at Olympic Park with CNN Headquarters in the background)

The aquarium looks fun, I've never been. I only went to coke world but I'm planning on going some other time.

(Harri...infatuated with marine animals -- I think he wants to be one.)

This past week we just worked and worked to try and get J baptized but that didn't happen. He didn't come to chruch so yeah. Maybe next transfer. That was sad. J and E are still set for the 30th of this month.

We met a Muslim who actually drove up to us while we were contacting on the streets and asked if we had a Book of Mormon is English. We were like, "Yeah we do!" and totally ran to our car to get one. We gave it to him and had a discussion in his house. It's was weird teaching in English but it was really good. He was really studied in the bible and had a lot of questions for us. Eventhough he was raised Muslim he is trying to find the right answer, the truth. He had a 4 page paper of just things he studied in the Bible. He broke it down so well it was crazy! He was really nice and we had a good lesson. We ended up passing him off as a referal to the English but Anderson said he'd try to stop by every once in a while. I was glad I had that one discussion with those other Muslims last transfer so I could understand where this guy was coming from.

You know the family that we made tamales with? Well we went by their house again and I started talking to one of the girls. She is from Alabama and is going to college out here now. I told her that I knew someone serving in Alabama but she might not know him cuz he's english. Then I thought, "wait, Tallahassee is mostly Albama anyways..." so I asked if she knew an Elder Hamilton and she did!!!! Hahaha pretty sure I was freaking out like a little girl when she said that! I was so happy to hear something about Elder Hamilton! Even though it was a little while back when he served in their ward back home, I just got a really cool feeling like when Ammon (with Alma?) meets his brothers again after their missions. He was filled with such joy that they were alive, and better yet still his brothers in the gospel.

(Helam & Thomas before they part ways in the MTC)

Sorry, I can't really think of a super crazy experience to tell you, mom, and I'm running short on time. I'm sure the other letters have good ones! Good luck! I'll pray for you! :)

There was one day when Anderson and I wanted to get some bamboo to make cool stuff out of it. So, we went to a bamboo forest and cut some--we didn't know that the tree was over a hundred feet tall until we actually cut it, by then it was already falling! So we hurried and cut two big pieces and ran outta there! Bamboo gets really big!

(Bamboo Bandits)

Well, my family, I love you all and pray for you every night. I will pray super hard for the WHOLE family this week especially.

Love you guys, Elder Heimuli

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