Monday, August 1, 2011

Semana 33 - Piece of Cake, Tamales, Dang Burger King

Hi Mother!!!

I'm glad everyone got my letters and Houston got my card! Henderson was the one who spit the beat...Quinonez was the one who said "You" a little early hahaha we made fun of him for a while--light heartedly of course :)

This week has been a long one. Probably because we have worked really hard and done a LOT this week. I'm not gonna remember all of it, but here it goes...

We went finding and contacting in a few areas and Ramon came with us to teach. We tried to follow up with some investigators and even contacted a few others. The day was a pretty good day. The next day we were looking at the branch list to find less actives to visit and we found out it was Ramons birthday the day before, and he didn't even tell us! We decided to bake him a cake and take it over to him! It was actually a 4th of July cake with stars and stripes but we figured it would work! Ramon was so surprised and really happy. We ate the cake with him, took some funny pictures, and then wished him a good one. He told us that he felt really good and I was glad to hear that!

Most of our time this week was spent looking for less actives and potential investigators. While we were searching we came to a potential's house named Salvador. We walked up and right before we knocked on the door it just opened up. The family was just like, "Come in! Come in! Sit down!" We were so shocked, we didn't know what to do! Our first thought was, "No, this is TOO golden..." After talking with them for a while we found out that the guy that we were looking for (Salvador) was just renting out the basement from them and wasn't home. The family we were talking to were relatives of some people in our ward! They weren't members but a couple girls who were living with them are members ha! We caught them at a weird time cuz they sell tamales, so every friday they have ALL the women in their family come over and make tamales all day! I asked them if we could learn how and they were totally for it! I failed miserably (it's very very hard to make tamales...who knew?) but Anderson was a pro! We got to be pretty good friends in the end and we'll be going back again this week.

We went to a wedding as well. His name is Daniel who has been a convert for a year and he was gonna go on a mission, but I guess he chose a different path. It's good though, he's a really cool guy! We were excited for him!

We talked with Juan and met his mom (Delilah). I told you she was a member, yeah? Anyways, we finally had a lesson with them and it was awsome! It was a little funny cuz I taught in Spanish while Anderson taught in English, but good. Delilah knew her stuff. She had James 1:5 memorized and The First Vision as well. It was a really big help to the lesson. She has strong desires to go to church but work is holding her back. (Dang Burger King!) We set a date with Juan for the 6th of August which also happens to be his younger brother's birthday. The only problem we had was Juan still had to get permission from his father...we asked Juan to pray and then ask his father's permission.

Anderson and I fasted Sunday and prayed that Juan's dad's heart would be softened. Juan didn't come to church yesterday. We went to pick him up but he kept telling us his dad said he would take him. We're not sure if his dad said he couldn't go to church and didn't want to tell us or what, but we were really sad. We're gonna go over tonight to see what happened. If he gets permission and comes next week we could do a baptizm after church! We're praying that everything will turn out well. Our saddness didn't stay too long cuz we had two less actives (Emily and her sister Rosmery) and a half investigator to church (Rosmery's boyfriend)! We were so excited and they were all excited to be there! That was the second time since I've been here that Juan and Emiliy and their family's been to church together!

Last but not least, we had a pet for ten minutes! (That's how long the car ride was from one house to the other.) We were asked by a less active if we could take her puppy and give to someone who could take care of her so we gave her to Juan and Emily.

The BoM is great! I'm not done but almost. There's so many things that i've read I don't even know where to start. I guess I can just say with assurety that I know the BoM is true. I've taught several lessons about it this week and I can feel the difference in my testimony of it. When I share it with others, they can feel it too.

Thank you so much for everything you guys do for me! I got the packages and everything! Tell grams and gramps that I got their package! They didn't leave me a return address so I don't know where to send a thank you letter! I'm doing great!

Love yas!
--Elder Heimuli

Who knew Yao Ming was on a mission in the ATL?

Cute puppy...

Elder Anderson, the giant

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  1. I love Elder H's letters - and pictures..... so love them - and his personality. Thanks for sharing!