Monday, August 29, 2011

Semana 37 - When Someone Comes Knocking...Then I Will

Dear Mom,

I'm sad I didn't get to read the looong detailed letter you wrote haha but I bet God knew I wouldn't be able to write a long enough response to do it justice so there:)

I'm feeling better this week, so that's good. It hasn't hindered our work one bit, though. Work, work, work and walk, walk, walk are starting to sound the same to me now ha! I actually got home one night and there were holes in my socks! Not just shoes (that happened 2 months ago). It's great!


This is a good area. There are a TON of hispanics here and since we just opened it it hasn't been touched! We do a lot of both Spanish and english lessons though. It's crazy how not good my Spanish is and it's disheartening at times but I'm still working at it--blessing of being in a english-speaking country! We've just tracted and tracted and tracted. The interesting thing is that we've found more less active members that have moved from other countries than investigators haha.

One of the coolest things was that one of the less active couples (Tony and Juliana) came to church yesterday. We went by their house only twice. The last time we went, Friday, we talked to them about church and they said that they'd come back to church someday. Not this week, but someday, so we just settled on that. That's why it was such a shock but a happy moment when they walked through the chapel doors! They're wasy cool and have such strong testimonies. We had dinner with them last night too and they told us something interesting. A couple weeks before we knocked at their door, Juliana asked Tony if they were ever gonna go back to church and Tony answered her, "When someone comes knocking on that door to tell me to, then I will." Then they thanked us for bringing them back to church and called us their "angels" hahaha I wouldn't say that cuz we didn't really do anything! It's just a testimony builder that when his children need help, God sends his angels to help them--in what ever form they may be.

We are having dinner with Berwyn's grandkids, Jake and Emily Huckaby, tonight actually! So we're super excited for this chance to actually talk to them and get to know them! They're so nice!

I got the package and thank you guys so much! Now I don't think I'll get dehydrated for the rest of my mission! Shumway and I celebrated with some spam and rice that night.

Yay! Go Bountiful and Go Houston! That boy is such a beast! This makes me SUPER excited to come back and play ball too! Speaking of which, I met another Bountiful Brave yesterday at church. He's a member of the stake high council here in Atlanta but he graduated in '90. Super old! haha oh and there are some solid Lakei Heimuli fans that are on the high council as well.

We had Zone Conference this week and our guest speaker was Elder Clarke of the 70. It was such a good meeting, and Elder Clarke is an amazing speaker! He also just returned from a five year mission in Guatemala so his spanish is good. He just spoke on different ways that we can improve the work around here by improving ourselves first. It was really great and I am definately implementing all I can to make myself better.

There was a cool talk I read called "And Peter Went Out and Wept Bitterly," by Gordon B. Hinckley (i think...but not sure.) It's really good but I can't really paraphrase it here. Just look it up and read it if you have time.

Well, that's all for now! I love you mom and family and hope everything is going well. I'm sending a few pictures.

(LOVE this pic of Elder Heimuli and Elder Shumway as they work, work, work and walk, walk, walk.)

Luvs, Elder Heimuli

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