Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Semana 38 - Football season? Saved...

Dear Mom and family,

It was a weird feeling when I found out a couple days ago that the NFL and NCAA had already started their seasons, I feel out of the loop now haha. I guess I just have to get used to it, right?

I'm glad to hear Houston won and did great, that Boise State won, and surprised to hear BYU got past Ole Miss. Weird. I don't imagine Bountiful will do too well until Houston starts playing Vars hahaha, not gonna lie. But all is well. How's Weber?

This week was good, as always. Shums-face and I are still working hard everyday, but this week we've had a car! So that was really nice! It's good to be able to work further than a 5 mile radius from our house but we still are looking for those golden investigators! We're bound to run into them sooner or later, right?

Good news, though, I was 'saved' last week! We went to an appointment that fell through, so as we were leaving the door step, this guy comes over to us and says, "Ya'll must be rich. Ya'll must be rich cuz it's a $1,000 fine for what ya'll doin right now." We just stare at each it's not. The man points over to this tiny sign on top of a mailbox that says 'no soliciting' and he tells us that they have a neighborhood watch and that he'll call the cops. We started explaining to him that we were ministers and he says, "you know what, we're strangers so there's no point in me lying to you. I'm gonna tell you a story." So he goes of on this huge long story (keep in mind we're standing in the middle of the road) about how he was a millionaire but lost it all and his family so he commited suicide and had an out of body experience. He tells us that an angel took him to hell where there were different levels that got gradually worse the further you went down. There were gremlin like creatures punishing the spirits of the sinners by doing to them the sin they commited in life. Towards the center they were giant beasts that were holding up the earth (i don't know). Then he came face to face with Satan, a 7 headed dragon -- all the different heads were blasphemeing God, giving orders, other stuff. One of the heads turned to him and spoke (which the guy told us in a Golem of Lord of the Rings voice) that he had tricked him and took all his family and money and called him stupid. Then as Satan lunged for him he called out Jesus' name to save him and the angel immediately took him up from hell up to the clouds to heaven. There the guy came face to face with Christ who asked him, "Did you create life?" The man says no, then he said Christ tells him that he can't take what isn't his and if he does it again then he'll go to hell. Then he came back to his body or something like that. Longest story ever right? You're telling me. It took a whole hour for him to tell us this. Then he told us that all he had to do was call on Jesus' name and he was saved, and he wanted to save us (which we told him it wasn't that easy!) but we let him lead us in a prayer and kinda crazy stuff like that. After, he asked us if we felt something, and of course Shumway and I just looked at each other and were Hahaha anyways, so I'm saved now! Cool, yeah?

(Heimuli & Shums-face express their feelings about being saved...which took a whole the middle of the road...on a hot, humid Georgia summer day)

Tony and Juliana are still going to church and they plan on staying active, they told us. So that is really great! I didn't hear anyting about Juan, so I don't know.

But we're doing great! We don't need anything at the moment. Thank you so much for worrying about us! It's great to be loved. I'll definitely write Ben and I'll pray for the family.

Well, love you all and I'll talk to you later!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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