Monday, September 19, 2011

Semana 39 - Where's My Mail?

The only thing that makes a missionary mom sadder than not getting a letter from her missionary, is to get one from him asking, "Where My Mail?" Don't have a clue why it didn't send. From my outbox, it looks like it sent. So here's what he said without the benefit of the 100 questions I usually ask in my email:

Dear family,

Yes, today is Monday. Seeing as I didn't get an email today from you guys I figured it was either one of two things: armageddon is here and it hasn't reached the south yet, or you guys are sending me a SUPER DUPER HUGE package in the mail today and put the letter in there! I pray it's the second one!

Anyways, I'll give you guys a rundown of what the happenings are here in Atlanta.

This week we commited two people to baptism. One guy is Jose who we met last week just knocking doors. It's a pretty funny story. So when we were knocking we weren't having any success, people wouldn't let us in, let along answer the door. So on our last door we knock, I look down and there are two pennies face up on the ground. I just laugh and pick 'em up and hand one to Elder Shumway. I told him that this guy is totally gonna answer the door and want to be baptized. We just laugh and wait a little longer. Well we decide we're done for that complex and turn to walk away but then someone answers the door. He immediately just invites us in and we have a lesson with him. Then next lesson we have with him, a few days later, we soft commit him to baptizm, which he said yes.

Then we recieved a referral from the Yankees (North Missionaries) for a guy named Luis. They told us he's super golden, so we're just like, "Great! Thanks a lot!" We go over to his house and meet him and his girlfriend Kacee. She just moved here from Florida and is a recent convert of 10 months. He is from Mexico. They're both in their twenties, so they're young and super cool. He wants to get baptized and marry her and maybe serve a mission if he's not too old first. So we had a lesson with them and it was good. We set a date with Luis for the 1st of October. Really exciting stuff.

One of the biggest events this week was a party called Dia de las Naciones. It's a big party the branch holds every year. It's a celebration of all the Latin countries where we do a tour of the chapel, eat food (dishes from every country) and they put on a show made up of all the dances from the different countries as well. It's really successful and we get a lot of non-members to come to it. This year, one of the people in charge, Sister Saldana, blackmailed us into singing a musical number. She said if we didn't sing, she would stop feeding us! Well, once the whole thing was done she said we did great and then added, "you guys didn't really think I'd stop feeding you, right?" We performed a song called, "How Can I Be?" and I played the uke. We only practiced twice and half the singers didn't even know the song haha. It was fun though!

(Elder H in the middle playing the uke)

Luis and Kacee came to the party and cheered us on haha! We met a lot of cool people at the party, got a few referals, and ate a lot of good food. I'd say it was a success!

This is the last full week of the transfer so we're just gonna finish strong. Oh, and I heard Juan has a date for the 20th of Oct or something so that was cool to hear!

Well hope you are all doing great and I'll send pictures in a separate email!

Luvs--Elder Heimuli

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