Monday, September 19, 2011

Semana 40 - Great teams, Happy families

Hi Mom!

So, yeah, super confusing what happened last week. I hope you got my replies to your emails last week as well, I think they were scattered over two letters or something. No worries, I got the letter today with no problems!

That anniversary story is so cool! Totally worth the $100 steaks, yeah? I know that what you learned in FHE is true. The bonds we form here on this earth with our families are supposed to last forever. That's the way God intended it. This is how we obtain the greatest happiness here on this earth, and when we are reunited with our Heavenly Father with our families we experience infinite happiness (Mosiah 2:41). That's why Satan tries so hard to destroy the family with all of the evil things we see in the world today. The only way to stay strong and endure to the end is through obeying the commandments God gives to us--ITS TRUE!!!!

I'm glad all the kids are doing great! Sound busy but great! I'll send you a cool conversion story for soon as I get one haha! And speaking of stories, did they stop making the NEWSLETTER? I haven't seen it for a while.

Our week was good. We have just been working hard to finish off the transfer. Wednesday is transfers and we get calls tonight to find out what's gonna happen. We are thinking we are gonna stay together, but you never know cuz the transfers here are unpredictable.

For right now we have Luis as our investigator with a baptismal date for the 1st of Oct. We have a few other progressing that we have pretty big hopes for: Jose, Francisco, and Anet. The area is really picking up so it's exciting. I can't say the same for my Spanish, though, but maybe you're right...but a big MAYBE. It's really challenging to improve and constantly get better, and I love it for the most part. It is what life is all about.

We went to Jake and Emily Huckaby's home again for dinner on Friday and they were hanging their BYU flag with pride outside their front door...but I don't know if they left it there after that game hahaha. I guess there are no Utah fans back here to make fun. They are doing great and they're super awsome! Their kids are cute and HILARIOUS too! They may be a Handful for them, but they are great entertainment for us haha!

Like I said, I'm doing great! The weather is getting chilly, though. I guess it's gonna be a cold winter. There's not really anything I need--just your love and support and I'm golden! Thank you all so much for what you do for me and I'll talk to you later!

Luv, Elder Heimuli Pic from Elder Pasiaka's website!

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