Monday, October 3, 2011

Semana 42 - Conference, Marshmallows, Polys

Hi mom and family!

I decided to recount my week backwards. So I have to agree that conference was amazing this weekend. I can't tell you how many things I learn now that I actually watch it! It's great! Since all of the talks were so great, it's hard to pick a favorite. I did my questions again this Conference and every single one of my concerns were answered. I know it shouldn't, but it surprises me every time I do it and it builds my testimony that God really loves us. He knows our problems and the challenges we face and he tells us the answers through our prophets and other leaders of the church. Like the words of President Uchtdorf, "Our Heavenly Father is the most powerful being in all of the universes and he loves you." ...or something to that extent. I know that's true. I have more light and direction in my mission and my life.

I did get the package! We swung over to pick it up as we headed over to the saturday morning session. I actually got it a couple days before but we were out of miles and had to walk everywhere. Thank you so much Hevynn for the chex, and mom and dad for the letters and the food! ESPECIALLY the letters! The shoes are great too, of course I want them! I just didn't want to get them dirty and ruined like my other ones...but I busted 'em out just for conference--I was lookin' good haha!

In between sessions on Saturday we went to a little girls' birthday (I forgot her name...) and that was fun. It's ok that I forgot her name cuz she's not in my area haha. There they had these GIANT marshmallows and I tried to see how many I could fit into my mouth at once, without chewing, and I only got 2!

They were as big as my face! The Sunday session we just all got together (8 of us) and cooked a bunch of spam, rice, eggs, and corned beef. Oh yeah, I'm converting everyone in the mission into polys.

Speaking of Polys, here's Elder Kivalu, Elder H, Sister Havili, Sister Nansen and Elder Lauese

Stockman and I were hoping to see a couple people at Conference but no luck. We spent the last half of the week walking and tracting and inviting our little hearts out. We know that if someone hears the prophet speak, there's no WAY they won't know he is sent from God. But yeah, no one came. It's ok though, cuz that meant I could watch conference in english and I get a lot more out of it that way.

Luis gave us a scare cuz he's been canceling his appointments with us for the past week and a half, but we finally did see him last night and he's doing good. He watched conference in another ward and he really liked the talk about the BoM. He knows it's true now haha! We need to work on his marriage but once that happens we'll have a date. Other than that we have a couple ok investigators but we are still trying to find the elite! I want a good story to tell Harrison...maybe he can just tell MY conversion story, cuz that's the biggest one i've witnessed out here. It's cool, I'll find one.

Besides that our week has been a little iffy, but super great. I'm so blessed to be out here and learning the things I am! I love it--the good and the bad!

I just barely destroyed my running shoes this morning playing basketball so I think I need other ones. But please don't go and buy brand new ones, I feel bad. Go to DI and grab some 5 buck ones and that would be AMAZING! Besides that, just send me your love! Well, here's me sending my love! (and pics in a little bit...)

--Elder Heimuli

General Conference broadcast: Elder Kivalu (from Tonga) and Elder Heimuli (from Utah)

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