Monday, October 10, 2011

Semana 43 - Columbus Day, Surprise Contact, Back to M-town

Yeah, it surprised me that the libraries were open today as well. I guess people here don't believe in Christopher Columbus...haha. Maybe a bit like how some don't believe people need to actually keep the commandments to be saved. Weird.

Anyways...I'm doing great! The sun is shining and it is another p-day! We're gonna go play sports today as a zone so that's really exciting. Especially since I haven't exercised in a transfer and a half, and you can tell.

This week has been good. We find some investigators and we lose them. We still have our couple semi-solid ones. There hasn't been much progression, but we are still working with them. We're still waiting for Luis to see if he is gonna marry his gf so we can set a date, but we didn't see him all this week. We got in to see Jose and he is progressing once again. We didn't teach an actual lesson to Francisco this week, but saw him on the street once. So pray for them.

We're still working hard every day. One day we got a referral from Chamblee elders and we decided to go contact it. When we knocked on the door, we were shocked when Tony answered! He is 18 and lives where Stockman and I both served before. I thought I'd never see him again, and the night I left he wasn't in town so I didn't get a picture with him. But there he was and we were both speechless! I was so happy and all of us just started talking. His dad and brother both live there. The referral was from his sister in law. So now we're gonna go by and teach them! Super cool and I was so happy!

Saturday we went to another DIA DE LAS NACIONES but this time back in Marietta! How awesome! Stockman and I were so excited to go and see everyone! Pretty sure one of my happiest moments was just seeing everyone I knew and talking to them.

(Guess this is Elder H's happy face? Hm.)

It felt like I was home! Everyone was doing great! J has a date for this Saturday but is still waiting to see if the divorce went through. He'll hear word back today. The coolest thing was that there was a lady there named Margarita. She was an investigator I found and taught and she was really awesome. We later fell out of contact cuz her machista boyfriend came back and he didn't like us. Anyways, she recognized me and we started talking and she is getting baptized with her son on the 22nd! Oh man, I was SO happy! One cuz she still knew me and two cuz she is finally getting baptized! I knew she was a good one!

That's all really. Our area is still trucking, slowly, but at least the work is progressing in the world. Well, that's all for now, I'm gonna send pics in an email.

Love you!
Elder Heimuli

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