Monday, October 31, 2011

Semana 46 - Happy but Never Content

Dear my favorite family

Well, the end of another transfer and the calls come tonight. We're all pretty sure that I'm leaving cuz we have 6 spanish missionaries coming in and Stockman is projected to train. I'm a little sad but we find out for sure tomorrow. I have loved this branch and this area so much!

It's been a very growing transfer for me and I have a lot of people here that have helped me is so many ways! Other than that I am, "happy but never content," as we all should be in life. I'm happy with where I am at the moment, but I constantly strive to be better. This is the counsel that Elder Clarke of The Seventy gave us.

The weather here is really cold in the mornings, but around the afternoon it heats up to where we usually can't stand to wear our suitcoats, but we'll see how long that lasts haha. As for the food situation, I really am ok. You actually don't need much food to survive hahaha I'm kidding, but if you feel you need to send something, I wouldn't be against it:)

So, this week was a little shorter than usual--be it that I wrote Wednesday--so not too much has gone on. We prayed very hard this week to find out what we could do to help start up the area. As you probably know, we haven't really had too much success recently and this past week all of our investigators dropped completely. So now we have an empty pool hahaha! It's ok, cuz we have been working hard with the less actives in our area and we now feel that them and the members are key. So pray for the members and less actives in our area, please, that they'll have friends that are searching for the gospel. Other than that, our "former" investigator L (now Stone Mtn's) is progressing fine. He and K came to church and that was really exciting! Other than that our week was full of good bye pictures and farewell dinners and even a birthday party.

I don't know too much info on Elder Jones and his homecoming. I can try to find out more so we'll see, but yes he is going home this wednesday. I'm getting old!

I was studying the talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks titled, "Desire." Where he talks about the important role desire has in what we become. He says desires turn into thoughts, which dictate our priorities, which shape our choices, and then turn into actions, and THOSE ACTIONS DEFINE WHO WE ARE. We must always strive to have righteous desires, because they ultimately lead to our becoming. To really change our desires Elder Oaks suggests that visualizing what you can become, will give you that strong desire to reach that goal. We are all sons and daughters of heavenly parents. We can become like them. We can live for eternity with our family, friends and loved ones in infinite happiness...and the first step to reaching that goal is desiring it. As we constantly look towards what we MAY become, we will shape our lives in righteous ways to achieve it. Something like that. Ok, so I just decided that I speak confusingly in Spanish AND English now hahaha!

Thank you for all the prayers and support. Please pray for me as well that I may constantly have an 'eternal perspective' as I work. Love you all and I'll talk to you later!

Luv, E. Heimuli

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