Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Semana 44 - Blisters, Maps, Conversions

Hi mom!

I'm doing good and everything is still moving along here. Not as well as we'd like, but it's going as well as God likes, hahaha.

Our zone sports day went well. We played a big game of soccer, then rugby, then football. By the time we got to football I was SO tired! We had about 30 missionaries and it was really fun! It rained the ENTIRE time we were there haha. The weather held until we got to the park, then it poured non stop until about 8 that night, it was great! It felt more like we were swimming than running. I did make the mistake of buying brand new cleats the morning of, so I had a couple nice blisters and a pretty pronounced limp to go along with it.

A lot of our time this week was spent making our map of the area. We pin up our investigators, members, and potential investigators. It takes hours to do. We're still not completely done but we're getting there. The map is useful for visualizing the areas we can work in throughout the day as not to waste miles and time.

As for investigators, we haven't had much success. There were a couple families that we found and seemed really great but they never answer the doors again haha. This week an English elder came on exchanges with me (again) so that meant I had to teach all by myself for a few days. It's a great experience but very overwhelming. We went by Luis' house and gave a blessing to him and his girlfriend. Then we taught them how to bless their house. I guess Casey felt like there was a weird spirit in the house and recently they've been feeling contentious and stuff like that. We talked with them later in the week, and they were feeling better and decided that they're getting married the 1st of December and we set up a date for his baptism for the 3rd. Those are for next transfer and we're all positive I'm being transferred. Just my luck, right?

So, as for the "conversion story" I don't know if I'm gonna have a crazy one any time soon, but I don't really expect them cuz God doesn't work like that...too often. He is more of a "step by step" kind of guy. The conversions I have heard of or seen have been progressive things. Even in Ramon's case, I found out my last transfer in Marietta that he was actually a former investigator of Elder Henderson's when Henderson was in Marietta as a greenie...almost two years earlier. He didn't just fall out of the sky and into the font. The Lord prepared him and he was converted through the Spirit over time. There is that scripture in Alma 25 (?) that talks about how the Lamanites that were converted by Ammon were converted by the Spirit and for that, they stayed firm in the gospel. Even though what I witnessed with Ramon was a quick, he-obeyed-everything-we-taught-him experience, he was actually shown the gospel earlier and the Lord worked with him over a period of months and years up until the point he was finally spiritually converted and told us he wanted to be baptized.

Thank you so much for the shoes, shirts and packages! You guys are the greatest! Oh, and before I forget, How is Ben Heimuli doing? I've been thinking about him a lot. How is his family doing? Can you tell them that I say hi, and I love them, and I pray for them? Has my cousin decided on the mission yet?

Yes, mom, we're eating at members' homes:) Don't worry about me! And we're going over to Berwynn's granddaughters house tonight to eat and teach a lesson in their FHE. It's gonna be good!

Anyways, I love you all and I hope you all have a good week!

--Elder Heimuli

(Note from Mom: I received a wonderful email from Berwyn's granddaughter Emily with pics of her family and the elders' Monday night dinner/family home evening/pumpkin-carving contest! Her oldest daughter and Elder Stockman took the "best-lit" pumpkin award, while her youngest son and Elder Heimuli won "cleanest/best-smelling" pumpkin (not too many years ago, Helam never would have won a "cleanest/best-smelling" award...I'm so proud).

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