Monday, March 12, 2012

Semana 65 - Same Place, Different Companion

Hey mom!

It looks like I have lots of stuff to write you today, so I'll be writing fast!

It's true that Bakes left and went up to Cartersville with Prince, so that's means I am still here in the Chamblee area and starting my 4th transfer! My new companion is Elder Thomas from Bear Lake, ID. It's funny cuz he was in Stone Mountain area (which is still in the Chamblee branch) and just jumped over here.

Elder Thomas & Elder Heimuli

Elder Klus came back to the branch too so now we have 4 missionaries who just jump around but stay in the branch.

We don't have very many progressing investigators and we are just deciding to start over and just find a whole bunch this transfer. So pray for us.


But, this week we had a really cool experience. We were just working as usual and we had nothing special planned. Thomas and I just thought we'd knock and look for some potencial investigators. We are just doing our thing and I recognize this lady outside so I go up to talk to her and I find out it's Mireya! Mireya is an investigator that we had my first transfer here in this area and she had a baptismal date, but then disappeared after two weeks. Well, we talked to her and found out she still wants to be baptized! She just moved and had no way to contact us! So now we are working with her! Crazy, yeah?

These past few weeks we've had these two visa waiters in our branch, Elder Harrison and Elder Buxton. Both from Utah.

Visa waiters Harrison & Buxton on their way to Argentina!

They're both super awsome and funny, but they are leaving for Argentina today so last night we snapped some pictures at dinner with a member last night.

My feelings about being here on a mission in Atlanta? I LOVE it! I've got everything here! I am learning spanish. I drive a car. I have running water and heat/ac. The mail system is great. I get to preach the gospel. I get to see all the many different ways people try to avoid us as we are walking down the street. The people here already believe in Jesus. I get to see the surprised faces they make when my white comp starts speaking spanish (they all think I'm mexican here, so none of that for me). And there are still MORE!

Besides all that I am just grateful for my mission. I am growing so fast and learning so many things. This is why I came out, because I saw the example of those who served and how they matured, and I wanted to be like them. Plus, learning a second language is a big persuasion haha. Really, I can't describe how it's blessed me cuz I still don't know all the ways my mission has blessed or will bless me.

I know that I am so glad I'm out here and am part of the Lord's work. Yeah, it's hard most times, but thank you all for your prayers and other ways you have supported me and my family! You guys are the greatest and I love ya'll!

--Elder Heimuli

Elder Benedict "Beni" and Elder Heimuli

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