Monday, March 19, 2012

Semana 66 - Hot Week

Holy cow, it's been a HOT week! Try mid to high 80's hahaha. And of course, this is the week where we've had to walk a lot because we don't have that many miles left:) It's been a really busy week filled with lots of walking and tracting to find. Being able to work all day is such a BIG blessing for me becuase my area has been a little slow for a long while, but Elder Thomas just came from an area that was booming with investigators. He was packed with set appointments every day for 3 transfers, so that means he hadn't spent much time tracting and contacting...spoiled hahaha. He's a trooper cuz he just keeps trucking along with me even though he's dying of thirst or getting rejected all day or sweating waterfalls down his face. This area is the best haha!!!

We have started to see that hard work pay off. We are getting some solid investigators now and dropping the ones who have no interest. We have found some formers who are cool and we are also trying to help the less active families kick it into gear.

Want to know the BEST thing that happened this week? Yesterday we weren't expecting too many great things to happen at church cuz Mireya wasn't home yesterday and our other investigators just didn't have time to come, as well as some less actives--I was just excited for the 3 hours of rest. When sacrament started I got a text from Luis Soriano (an investigator that I've had since I got to Chamblee and I've been trying to get him to go to church, but it's never happened) who we haven't talked to for weeks, asked us what time church starts. I thought that was weird, but answered him. He said he'd try to come, but I was skeptical after he's told us that so many times. Sacrament ended and he never showed. After sacrament meeting I was sitting in the back talking to I and just enjoying my time when this guy walks past whom I recognize--it was Luis!!!! I was shocked but so happy! He came in a taxi (which is expensive!). Long story short...ish: he was very interested about the priesthood and wants to know more so he's coming back next week! But we'll find him a ride so he'll have some money to live on.

We are starting up family home evenings with the less actives here and I would really love some good activity ideas! Your FHE's sound super fun and that's exactly what we need cuz a lot of the less active families have young children or teenagers.

Everything is going really well out here, mom. Thanks so much for everything! We're just busy busy busy (I even forgot it was St. Patricks Day ha...but not my 15 month  mission b-day hehehe). I don't need anything as of now.

I love you and the whole family! Talk to ya'll later!

--Elder Heimuli

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