Monday, March 5, 2012

Semana 64 - Burning, Explosion, Tornado

Hey Mom!

I'm doing good, and padawan is doing good. We're just wrapping up our last couple days of the transfer. It's really weird that Morris is going home already haha. But, we're sure that I'm gone, so I'll be sure to let you guys know where. I LOVE this area here, but I am wanting a bit of change.

Yesterday was my last day of the 12 week training program, our last day of studying for 4 hours, and I am so happy! Now we can just WORK instead of train! To celebrate, I burned the program...

but Stockman predicted that since I did that I'm gonna train again next transfer hahaha.

I did get the package from you guys and thank you so much! The oatmeal exploded everywhere but it was still good:)

I am actually not sick for the moment! The weather here has been a little crazy lately: it's really hot for one day then cold for a couple then hot again. We had some tornado warnings a few days ago but nothing really happened.

I am going to send a letter to Jesse Scott. It may be next week but I think I'll just email it to you, if that's ok?

Church was really great this Sunday. We had a really good fast and testimony meeting and I enjoyed hearing everyone's testimonies. Bakes and I were talking and it's really interesting how we both felt the same experience with our testimonies. That when we go and BEAR our testimonies, they become strengthened. I have had a few very distinct experiences where I was impressed to give my testimony, and I just spoke whatever came to my head and as the words left my mouth, I felt a strong assurance that what I was saying was true.

Everything is great here and I am excited for another new transfer. I love you mom and tell the fam I love them too.

--Elder Heimuli

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