Monday, March 26, 2012

Semana 67 - I just knocked out

Oh man, this week the pollen has been KILLING me!!! I don't know if you know, but spring here in georgia is crazy! The first couple weeks of spring we practically have pollen storms out here haha. The cars, streets, houses, EVERYTHING is covered with a blanket of pollen. It's all just yellow. I don't know how allergies are for you, but I'm constantly sneezing, I get huge headaches and I can't breathe thorough my nose haha! It's fantastic!

(Makes you wanna sneeze just looking at this pic, right?)

I usually don't like taking medicine, but a few days ago it was so bad I finally broke down and took some benadryl. Then, I tried to keep working...but that didn't happen haha. We were teaching the Flores fam and I just knocked out. Elder Thomas taught the whole thing! It's good for him to practice his spanish, haha. I guess it was funny cuz I woke up and said some crazy stuff and then went back to sleep! The kids thought it was so funny! Since then I haven't taken any meds and I'm just suffering, but the pollen should be done this week.

(Thomas & Heimuli at the F fam house before Heimuli went into a benadryl-induced stupor)

E Thomas and I are doing great. We're getting along and just doing work here! This week has been kinda slower. L canceled his appointment with us this week and I haven't heard from him since, but I keep praying for him. Maybe we can talk to him this week. We've dropped a few of our investigators and are just trying to start over. It's a long process but it is what it is.

Church was great though! Luis didn't come and neither did the Flores or Ramirez families...but Norma and her daughter Athina came!!!! Athina is 15 and super cool! She reminds me SO MUCH of Hevynn--super sarcastic, funny and kinda mean to her younger siblings (kinda?) but you can tell she really loves them:) I was so happy because her and her mom are in a weird situation but are so close to being baptized! Can you pray for them?

(Athing blast from the past with Athina at her quincinera when Elder H was companion to Prince)

Things are just moving along here, and the time is starting to pick up...a little scary for me, haha! I was on exchanges with my ZL Elder Landsaw this week from Bountiful, and he goes home in a couple weeks! That was weird cuz I remember when he picked me up from the airport when he was AP. Time flies!!!!

I didn't get the package cuz they didn't deliver it to the house, but I'm gonna go pick it up from the post office right now! Thank you so much!

I'm super excited for General Conference this weekend! I hope you guys are too! I love you mom and tell everyone else I love and pray for them!

--E. Heimuli

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