Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Semana 68 - Why baptize 'em if we're not gonna keep 'em?

E Thomas and I are doing great here! The weather here is HOT!!!! So I'm not missing the "Utah spring" that much haha! We're getting ready now to go and enjoy the weather by playing rugby!!!! Yay!

This week was REALLY slow haha but still good as always. It was the end of the month, so as always, we had a lot of walking to do. We had some really great FHEs with some of our less actives this past week as well. We're hoping that they'll start getting the desire to come back to church. It's crazy how many people are baptized but then just become less active in the church in general. At times it just seems kinda pointless, yeah? Why baptize 'em if we're not gonna keep 'em? We're working hard with the ones we ARE teaching and trying to get them to gain a testimony again. It's basically like we're starting with investigators haha. It's great though, I love it!

Conference was really great! I watched most of it in spanish just to try it out...a little difficult. Blessings of still being in the states haha. I did watch one of the sessions in english and it was awsome! I really loved all of the talks and i'm like you cuz I can't really pick my favorite. Was it Uchtdorf that spoke on forgiving others and loving others? I really liked that one and found MANY areas where I can improve hahaha!

Well, there's not much else to tell ya. No investigators came but one of them DID watch it in their house (Norma and Athina) so that was cool. We met this guy on the street that wanted to come, but he didn't show.

Everything is going great! Thank you so much for all you do for me! I don't know if I told you, but Grams and Gramps Murray sent me a package a little while ago. Can you thank them for me? They never leave an address so I can't do it personally!!!!

Love you, E Heimuli

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