Monday, April 23, 2012

Semana 71 - Goodbye, Chamblee

Hey mom! There have been a LOT of changes to me this past transfer. First off all, I am in a new area: Cedartown. It's a little little hick town up north close to the border. Holy cow, this is so different than the ATL!!!! I'm surprised that there is even spanish work here. My companion is Elder Nay from Bluffdale, UT. This is his second transfer in the field so I am finishing training him. He's a cool kid and we get a long great.

We also don't have a car, so we just put around on our little bikes. My butt is SO SORE!!!!!

I was also made DL here, which I don't like very much...not gonna lie. There's so much extra, almost non-missionary related stuff I have to do now. But, it's what I'm supposed to do now hahaha. My first few days here were crazy! In this area, our work is half english half spanish so thats been the weirdest thing to get used to. It's hard for me to sound elegantly in English, especially when I teach the gospel. The words come out choppy and spanish-like. hahaha Nay thinks it's super funny. It's like he's traning me in english The people here are really cool, though. Members and non-members. Here in Cedartown we serve in an english ward, and we have only a small group of Spanish speakers. So, as a result, we have to translate for all of the meetings. I've translated before, but only to one person at a baptism or something. It's a lot more nerve racking when you have to translate for multiple people in a big meeting for some reason. It's a good, humbling experience for me:) This past Tuesday I said bye to everyone in Chamblee branch.
Our day was so full cuz I was runing around trying to talk to EVERYONE and I still missed some people. I was excited for the change of scenery, but at the same time I was really sad to be leaving all of my friends that I've made! It kinda makes me scared to see what happens when I go home. At least I have a chance to go back at the end of my mission. That'd be so cool! It sounds like everyone there at home is growing up so quickly! Harrison is 7?! The last letter I got from him kinda hit me with some reality cuz it was so well written. When I left he was just learning how to write the alphabet, now he writes like a champ! Houston to prom? He might still be too young...hahahahaha jk jk! Sounds so fun! I pray for you guys every night! Thank you for all you do! I'm doing good here in...Cedartown!!!!

--Elder Heimuli

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