Monday, April 30, 2012

Semana 72 - Electric Slide

The boys look so much older in those pics! I swear they'll be bigger than me when I get back haha! I'm glad Houston got his project done but did you guys HAVE to cut off all your hair?! JK, the boys look great! haha I bet YOU are the one who is the most relieved out of all of us that it's all done. I thought we'd have another one getting his on the eve of his 18th bday:)

Time is trucking along here in C-town. Oh man, it's the smallest town I think I've ever seen! No lie! I can't really explain it, but maybe we'll just have to take a trip up here one day. There is a McDonalds, but I don't know if you can use that to judge how small places are anymore. McD's is EVERYWHERE! It's small but not third world. I really do like it, though. It's something very different and a really good experience. Everyone is pretty nice here and it just has that small community feel where everyone knows everyone else.

Cedartown has this annual arts festival that is HUGE! (well, as in popular) It's been going on for 41...ish years. People love it here. It was this weekend so we decided that it'd be a great opporitunity to just talk to people. For a couple hours saturday afternoon we just walked around and talked to people and it was really cool. We met some really cool people and helped to dispell some myths that people had (we were asked several times if we had 3 wives, horns, if we were allowed to dance, etc.)

In the center stage of the park there were this group of seniors doing a dance number to elvis. They invited me and Nay to dance the electric slide so we did. It was great and a lot more people were open to us in the park after that. They came up and talked to us! Some people have the idea here that Mormons and Amish are the same thing. People just need to understand that we're normal human beings just trying to live our lives the best we can. We changed Cedartown's view on Mormons haha now when we bike down the road, people honk and wave to us or stop us to talk because of that festival haha!

The spanish work here is very slow as well. In 4 years Cedartown went from a spanish branch to a group of 10. Sad. We have been focusing on strengthening the spanish members so they can help in the missionary efforts. It's going. We've made some pretty good relationships with people here. Makes sense, though, cuz everyone here is so cool! We just work everyday and try to seek the Lords help in everything we do.

In church I did translate again and I got OWNED in combined 3rd hour. The topic was the church welfare program and how is should be used. I guess we've been having problems. So, everyone had something to say about it and they all talked way too fast for me to translate. I got some studying to do:)

Elder Nay's spanish is good for a greenie. He surprised me the first few days we were here! It's hard cuz there is so much english here, but we're trying to speak more and more spanish.

It's been a hot week, but everything else is going great! I love you guys and I pray that dad and hema heal up everyday haha! Mom, I expect a pic of your new do! Aight!

Love you!

--Elder Heimuli

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