Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012 - Thank You to the Satterfields

[Note: We sent a long-overdue thank you to the Satterfields. Knowing this wonderful couple would be busy getting back to regular life, we told them there was no need to reply...we just needed to express our gratitude.  Imagine our surprise to hear back from each of them that very same evening.]

Brother and Sister Heimuli,

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter.  It means so very much to us!  We love your son and have really seen him grow spiritually and in self discipline - especially over the past few months!  Sister Satterfield and I are sitting in a motel just outside Kansas City Missouri - we are driving home.  This is our second day being released.  We are driving home -taking our time- to just try and get used to the idea of regular life again. 

Your wonderful letter is so helpful to us to help us in that change.  Thank you again.

With love,
President and Sister Satterfield


Dear Bro. & Sis. Heimuli:

     Your email came in just the moment we needed it!  We are currently driving home from the mission, and the first couple of days were really hard--especially for me.  I have such a mothering heart that I suffered terribly upon leaving "my" missionaries.  I worried that they wouldn't be taken care of as well, and I kept bursting into tears.  It was like when I was raising my children and president would try to take me on a vacation, and I couldn't quite relax in my heart because I was worrying about the kids.  He finally had to say, "If you bring those kids up one more time, we're going to turn around and go home!"  Well, I saw a similar look on his face this time and knew I'd better pull it together!  I also remembered that the missionaries have a Savior, and it's not ME!  I gathered my trust and faith, and prayed instead of wringing my hands!  I'm doing better, now.

     Getting your email brought such warmth to our hearts.  Thank you.  We soooo love Elder Heimuli and have rejoiced in the growth we have watched him make.  It is obvious that he has wonderful parents whose influence will be felt for generations.  We are appreciative of your support and love.  It has been our pleasure to work with your son.

     Blessings to you both.

     Sister Satterfield

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