Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 85 - Olympics: from Beijing 2008 to...Atlanta 2012?

hey mom!
One thing that I'm definately sad about missing are the Olympics! I remember 4 years ago when I would get home from football and watch the olympics. I don't know if you will remember this, but I think about it often:   

We were watching the Olympics wind down in '08 and we all started talking about how awsome the next Olympics would be 4 years later. You figured out that in 2012, I would be 20 years old and you said I would miss it because I would be on my mission. You seemed so excited when you said that...but i definately wasn't.  

A couple months before that I had decided I didn't want to go on a mission much less stay in the church--so when you brought that up I just laughed to myself and thought, "Hahaha ok, well you'll be really upset when it doesn't happen." For years I never had any intention of going on a mission--let alone going to church. But, I loved you and dad, and I thought that as long as I'm living in your house, I'd better keep my head down and do the churchy stuff...that would make you happy, yeah?
I remember at church one day when I was about 16, a teacher in my class asked all of us where we wanted to go on our missions. I laughed at him and said that I wasn't going on a mission. He then took the remainder of class trying to convince me why I should go. Of course that just made me mad. Who was this guy trying to tell me how to live my life? He didn't know me. Needless to say I stopped going to class. 

Fast forward a couple years and I talked to this same guy at my farewell. He didn't seemed surprised at all that I was going on a mission, and he was happy cuz he knew that I had changed and realized WHY I needed to go on a mission.
I'm not gonna tell you when I changed, but we can all just sit back and laugh now because the olympics are on and like you said 4 years ago, I'm on my mission. And I am so glad that I am!
It's almost hard for me to believe that it is monday already. Time is moving by and it is made even worse cuz Elder Hansen goes home in about a he talks about how fast it goes by, and it freaks me out!
This saturday is L's baptism. She came to church on Sunday but had to leave early because she was sick. Pray that she'll be able to make it to this saturday with no problem. She has some word of wisdom issues but she's been going strong. When we taught her the word of wisdom she admitted that she has problems with coffee, tea and smoking--but if it's what God wants, then she'll stop. She accepted to live ALL the commandments in that same visit.
I just heard last night that N (in C) is getting baptized!!!! I was so happy!!! She is set for September so I am praying that all goes well until then.
We had a lesson H from SL. He is such a cool guy and wants to be baptized. We set a date for him for August! Pray that he understands everything cuz there is kind of a language barrier there--me with my broken english and him with his broken english hahaha. (I am getting more comfortable w english, so that's good. I'm super excited to go on exchanges w the spanish missionaries in our zone, though.)
I talked to Pres. Snow and he asked if we knew the specific date when I needed to be home so we can go to New Zealand. If he knows that then we can plan when I leave. Of course, I'll be coming home early...probably around the end of November, but I need to know exactly when ya'll wanted to do that. And did you guys want to come out here and pick me up? Just let me know.
Does anyone teach voice lessons that we know? Random, but I just wanted to find out before I forgot. I want to take voice lessons and improve my could you and Hev hit up any of your superstar connections?
Honestly, I haven't really taken any pictures this transfer...sorrry. I'm just too busy and forget. I'll try harder though. I haven't talked to anyone with the 'posterity' photo yet, but I'll be with Bakes this next week.
Tell everyone else that i love them and especially tell that to Uncle Tini and Aunty Momi: I pray for them every night. I love you Mom and I'll talk to you next week!
--E. Heimuli

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