Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 86 - The Spirit is the ONLY Way

Hey Mom!!!

I am coming off of a very crazy week and I'm just grateful that everything turned out well.

So, L's baptism WAS set for this Saturday but, like it always does, things hit her HARD. Things were looking good until we called her friday to make sure all the arrangements for her baptismal interview (later that day) were set. She sounded very apprehensive on the phone and she just kept saying, "I just need to talk to you guys, I just need to talk to you guys..." when we asked her about the baptism. Not a good sign.

To make a long story short: we met with her at a members house later that day for the interview but she had a LOT of concerns to address before the interview even started. L has been facing a TON of opposition from everyone about her joining the church--friends, family, even strangers. She was given a bunch of anti-mormon lit. and she was confused. (One thing you gotta know about L is that she STUDIES and it's a really good quality...unless, like in this case, people give her crap to study.) Luckily one of the members there is a pro at fighting anti and he helped a lot. L LOVES the church and the members in it. She loves how all the members are so loving and kind and have a special spirit about them -- but the anti made her doubt the feelings and convinced her that she needed hard evidence to know that it's true.

We talked for almost 3 hours (missing some of our appointments in the process...but it had to be done) and one of the biggest things we felt we needed to share is "L, remember how you felt when you went to the temple." It was cool to see how the Spirit is the ONLY way we can know truth. She thought back on her trip to the temple and things ran a little smoother. She had the interview but it turned out that she needed another interview with Pres. Snow--so we scheduled that for Sunday and we postponed her baptism. She was sad that she had to wait but knew that's how it had to be done.

That was actually one of the 3 very long, knock-down-drag-out lessons that we had with L. She called us that following morning telling us that she received a witness. L said, "God spoke to me and said that the love felt in the church is the only evidence that I need to know that it's true."

Her final witness came on Sunday when she met with Pres. Snow. They went in and did the interview and when they came out L was just beaming. I don't know exactly what happened in there but she came out almost in tears and asked us to baptize her this next saturday. So, all 3 of us are SO relieved that things worked out.

H is set for the 18th but I think we're gonna have to push it back. The language barrier is pretty tough to deal with haha.

I've been getting random updates from members here and there throughout the week on the Olympics and it has been making me trunky! I just LOVE the olympics! Oh, and I heard about that stud with no legs (Oscar Pristoria)! Not gonna lie...I started running again in the mornings because of him. I figured, "man if I don't start using my legs again God might take 'em away and give 'em to someone who'll actually use 'em!"

You know what else makes me trunky? You telling me that I'm almost out of time! hahaha. I'm very aware of that fact, espeacially now that Pres. Snow told me yesterday that my official release date has been moved to November ____. Man, that scared me! Too quick.

Me and Gautavai talked last week about Momi. Romero freaked out when he found out we were "related" haha. Tell Aunty and Uncle that I love them both!! Gautavai was transfered out of Atlanta and into some random place I don't know...but he is surely missed around here.

Elder Heimuli & Elder Gautavai
Sorry that I've been a total fail with picture taking...I'll try harder haha. I'm not holdin out on ya I just don't have any pics to give ya.
This is what Mom gets when she bugs Elder H for pictures...his email:
"Mom! I finally found a pic Elder Hansen took when I was taking a nap and fell out of bed!"
Looks like Elder H needs a shave or a haircut or something...ewww.

I love you and the fam! Thanks for everything and thanks in advance for the package! Tell Houston to keep being a stud! Tell Hevynn to stay away from the fobs and the laie boyz! Tell Harrison to grow his hair out! And tell dad that 7 people asked me if I was related to the "football playing Heimuli" this week and of course I said, "If he's handsome then yes but if not..." haha jk jk! 

Luvs, Elder Heimuli

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