Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 88 - Think About Jesus

Hello mom!

I am doing fantastic! Transfers is in 2 days and I'm not gonna lie but I'm excited that my comp is leaving -- but not for any bad reasons haha. I love Elder Hansen and I'm gonna miss his awsome leadership abilities, but this boy has been making me TRUNKY!!! and it's not even his fault.
He's the furthest away from trunky I've ever seen and he is going hard until the end, but I swear EVERYONE that we talk to has to ask: "Wow, you're almost finished! What are you gonna do when you get home? Do you miss your family? blah blah blah." and I just sit there and try to think about Jesus, instead of thinking about home. Hallelujah, E. Hansen's bouncin'! I hope I get someone younger than me. That'd be great.

This past wednesday we went and did a session at the temple! It was awsome. We can go to the temple every six months, and then our last transfer,  so we went for E. Hansen's last time. We went up with the other ATL ZLs, and lo and behold other missionaries were there at the same session! There were a total of 10 missionaries in that session. Max Kimball (ward mission leader for the Cedartown Branch) was there and he gave me a big hug! He's such a cool, spiritual guy. He is a sealer there. This guy has got the hook ups too! He left thursday to go to Salt Lake for Pres. Monson's b-day party.

The work has been pretty slow recently. No one is home anymore! We finally got in with H last night and we talked to him about baptism. He's still very busy but he found a job! He still wants to be baptized, we just need to find time to sit down with him and teach him. I think some prayers in helping him read the BoM will help him out a lot.

So that text was from Sis. W, one of the members down here. Did you get the pic of Me and Hansen too? That's the whole reason she sent the text. She is wonderful -- but struggling health-wise and in and out of the hospital a lot. Her mom is struggling emotionally and spiritually. It's hard for a mom to see her child suffer so much and it's taking a toll on her mom's faith. And it's amazing to know a daughter who cares so much about her mom. It's what families are all about. Sis. W invited us to teach her mom and hopefully encourage her to go back to church. They invited us over last night to eat dinner and we had a good discussion about faith and miracles and the atonement.

In a few days we will be losing a lot of leadership, so Pres. Snow has called a LOT of young missionaries into leadership positions. One missionary has been out for 3 transfers and is being called as a ZL--has never trained, hasn't been district leader, hasn't even been senior companion, and is being switched over to english from spanish -- and that's probably freaking him out the most. But I know he'll do good. Anyways, there is a big need for good, well-founded leaders and they need to be ready for when Pres. Harding comes in. A bunch of the leaders now are leaving this week and the rest of the leaders leave with me in November and December, so we are trying to train the new ones NOW. A leader is converted to the WHY of the gospel -- the doctrines -- so E. Hansen and I have been studying tirelessly the doctrines of leadership in the church for hours every day in preparation for this training we're having with our zone tomorrow. It's interesting that a leader in the church is one who helps others BECOME disciples of Jesus Christ. We can't become a disciple without having our own personal experience with the atonement of Christ. We can't just talk to someone and then they become a disciple, but rather we inspire them to act and seek that discipleship and through their own action they become that disciple. It's hard to lead that way sometimes (especially as a parent): through example and love and persuasion, but it's the way Jesus Christ taught and the way we MUST lead. If we continue leading and teaching in this manner and do so with faith in Christ that He truly did show us the way to do all things, then we'll be successful.

The Saldanas moved into our ward and I am so happy! I get to spend time with one of the coolest families ever in the world and I can also practice my spanish! Happy day!

We are working very very hard and we'll keep at it for the rest of our lives! I am so grateful for the wonderful people who have worked hard on my behalf. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of all of you and how you've given me the opporitunity to teach others the gospel. To invite others to know what we all know--that families are forever, and that one day we will rest from our troubles.

I love you guys!

--E. Heimuli

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