Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 89 - Hansen Died (R.I.P.)

Hey Mom!

The new transfer has begun and it's going well. Elder Hansen died (RIP) wednesday.

Funny, he doesn't even look ill.
He was replaced by E. Kyle Smith. E. Smith is from North Carolina and has been out for a little over a year. All the Georgians love it cuz they finally have a 'southern boy' instead of all these crazy random Utahns...

Elder Smith & Elder Heimuli
We kinda just rolled into this trasfer so nothing has changed too much. We have been trying to find the past half week and it's had a little bit of success. Smith's southern hospitality (if you could call it that) has opened up a few doors.

H was the only investigator that came to church yesterday. We still haven't been able to sit down with him this week and teach. He did start his job today so that was a blessing. We met this awsome guy named B who is staying w a member for a little while. He came to church and the baptism last week and LOVED it. We sat down with him and the member he lives with, T, and had a good lesson. B is this quiet but funny guy and just loves all the things he is learning in church. Neither of them came yesterday to church but we're not worried. Things will work out the way they're supposed to.

Now, K is stuck and we've been at this point with her for about a month where she knows that she needs to get baptized but just won't do it. She says that she 'isn't ready' but won't tell us what she needs help with. A member couple invited us all over for dinner last night and we were able to talk there. We read the BoM and invited her to read it everyday! She accepted and we even have a member who will call her every night to help her read. I know that if she reads she'll receive and answer to be baptized!!!!!

I was walking through the chapel yesterday, talking to people and Sis. W grabs me and the first thing she says is, "Your Mom is so sweet." (or something to that affect) Of course, I smiled and agreed:) Sis. W's Mom came to church! I was really excited about that and I bet she was too. MIRACLES! Cuz we for sure didn't do much but that's just a testimony that the Lord hears prayers and the Lord does his work.

I am just so grateful for all of you and for the support and love I feel here. One thing I am definitely grateful for is the knowledge of eternal families--I can't say that enough. Probably the most rewarding feeling is helping someone else come to the same knowledge and you're all helping in that cause!

Love ya'll very very much

Left to Right: Unknown, Unknown, Elder Morrill, Elder Hansen, Elder Heimuli, Elder Fruean
Elder Romero, Hansen & Heimuli
Left to Right:  Elder Shelley (Springville UT), Romero (Taylorsville UT), Smith (Somewhere in NC) & Elder Bad-Hair-Day Heimuli (Woods Cross UT)

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