Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 90 - Hope

Hey mom!
It's tuesday and it's looking like we're gonna be having a busy busy week and it's gonna go by fast--again! We just got done w a district meeting and I'm on exchanges with Elder Thomas in Chamblee!!!!! I'm so excited to be in Spanish!!
This past week was one of our slower ones...but looking back now it went by pretty dang fast. It was slow because it was the end of the month, and as you could probably guess, we were out of miles. COMPLETELY out of miles...with 4 days left. So, we strapped on our walking shoes and worked worked worked. Our area is pretty dang big and most of our investigators live about twenty minutes away. We just decided to walk and talk and knock. Not super effective but it's the kind of work that we could do.
We were able to see some investigators when members came w us and we had some really good lessons. One of them was a new investigator named Kn. She was a former who we talked to again and she let us teach her! She is used to going to a mega-church, which is held in a stadium and has about 10, 000 members hahaha CRAZY! She doesn't like it, though, cuz she didn't feel it on a personal level. We have invited her to church and she said she would come, but she didn't tell us when.
Ky called us this past week crying cuz her oldest son (12 years old) ran away from home. We felt bad cuz we were stuck all the way south and she lived in the very north of our area. We wanted to help look for him so bad but it just wasn't gonna happen. The only thing we could do was call some people and organize a search party. So we did. All ended well and he was found that night in a nearby neighborhood. I don't know why he bounced but they're all home safe and sound now. Ky is still working through some things and can't seem to take that step of baptism.
Sunday was good. We fasted as a zone to find, but we did it personally by inviting each area individually. We felt if it was labelled as a "zone fast" the missionaries wouldn't be as gung ho about it. Well, the missionaries all were into it and we had good results. We are already finding some great people who want to progress! It's awsome!

I have had such a wonderful time here in the mission. It has been hard but it has been great. The reality that it will be over soon has been looming closer and closer and really it's kinda scary to think about. I don't know what my new life will bring. Will i make good decisions about what i do with the rest of my life? Will i be ok? I'm starting to think that i will. 

Recently I have been thinking a lot lately about Hope. Hope is so important and w/o it we really can't get to the kingdom of God. (Ether 12:32) We usually think on baptism as the key and it is, I'm not dissin it. But what is baptism worth if you don't endure to the end? How can you endure to the end, through the trials and tribulations and such, if you don't have hope? 

Well hey, I know that with the knowledge that we are sons and daughters of God (which means we are heirs to his kingdom and ALL that he has[Romans 8:16-17]) and the knowledge that Jesus Christ performed the atonement (which paved the way and made it possible to inherit all things), we will have the strength to press on! 

I have a hope that I will be a better person when I go home and it has motivated me to work hard and use the atonement daily. God loves us!!!! He won't leave us comfortless and he knows that we are ALL strong enough to over come our difficulties and trials to make it back home. We just need to know that for ourselves :)
Thanks Mom for everything! I don't really need anything at the moment. Keep praying for me!
--Love, E. Heimuli

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