Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 93 - Tall Guy & Pix From A Son

Hey mom!
This week has been so great! I want to thank you for all your "thank-yous" and that I am very aware of how blessed I've been to have served under 3 mission presidents. It's cool to see the difference between the leading style of the different mission presidents but to know that, no matter who they are, God has called them to lead and guide the mission and it's a tangible feeling. President Harding arrived on Saturday and he called us and the other ATL zls to meet up with him at the Ponce de Leon chapel at 830 that night. We got there and he greeted us with a hug. Tall guy. Pres was there with the APs only--his wife and kids will come next week. We huddled up under the dim parking lot lights and just talked. He told us how excited he is to finally be in Georgia, how great we are and how we're gonna do some great things here. The only way I can describe him is "fatherly." He brought me support from a whole city haha. B-town!
Now...this week has been good. Lots of stuff going on. The transfer ends next wednesday...insane! The whole mission is gearing up for a good start to next transfer under the Hardings' leadership and we're all excited. other news H is set to be baptized this friday. We're excited but we have quite a bit of prep to do still. His work schedule is crazy so he only gets every other sunday off. People usually get baptized on saturday here so they can be confirmed in sacrament the sunday after but this sunday H can't come, then the next sunday is conference and then the next sunday he can't go to church. That's 3 almost 4 weeks with no Holy Ghost!!! So we're baptizing and confirming him Friday.
The past few days have been kinda luke warm. We've had long drawn out days where we won't get in to talk to ANYBODY and some of our appointments will fall through. We are finding some great people, though and are just trying to work as hard as we can.
Kn is an investigator who has been progressing and she reads everything we give her. She takes notes in a notebook and everything. Last Thusday we had a lesson at her house. There were a group of 12 year old kids playing football on the front lawn as we walked to her front door and into her house. Kn started off by saying that she read in 2 Ne 31. We asked her what stood out to her and she responded, "Verses 8-14. I really like how it talks about baptism." This was really interesting to me cuz everytime we give her an assignment to read, she always comments on the baptism aspect. I asked Kn exactly what I've observed and she says, "Well, I've always wanted to be baptized but I've just been to scared. I want to feel ready and perfect before I do." Our mouths dropped. We knew exactly what to say. We started into how we don't need to be perfect to be baptized, we just need to have faith in Christ. The Spirit started coming into the room--and then we hear the door open and a little girl's voice squeels, "Kn, the boys are fighting outside." Kn jumped up and bolted out the door. Disappointed I followed her out. I get outside to see one boy on top of the other, pummeling his face with his right hand while his left has him in a headlock. We break up the fight and sort everything out. By the time we finish, it's dark and time to head home. 
Satan and his contention prevail hahaha. We go back in a few days. Pray for us!
IDK if Houston is a "mini" Helam. He looks pretty big to me hahaha! Tell him to keep being a stud on the field, in the classroom and at church. His example is gonna affect a lot of people around him. Congrats on the dance, buddy:) Have fun with Caroline!
Thanks for all your love and support! It really does mean a lot to me! Have a great week:)
Love, E. Heimuli

(One of Elder Heimuli's sons -- Elder Bakes -- sent these to Mom today...what a good kid)
Elder Heimuli's "Posterity" (L to R) Grandson Freeman, Grandson Barrett, Son Bakes, Dad/Grandpa Heimuli, Son Newman, Son Romero and Son Nay...that's a lot of kids!

 (L to R) Grandson Barrett, Son Bakes, Proud Dad/Grandpa

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