Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 91 - Just Be a Normal Missionary

Hey Mom!!!

Life is THE BEST!!! This week was such a blur -- but a good blur :) 

I actually took some pics this time so I could remember some events haha. Yes, going to Chamblee last week was a DREAM! We taught a lot of people and got to visit some members too! We ate like 3 times that night hahaha, good ol' Chamblee. I miss those days when we literally ATE BY FAITH -- not knowing whether or not our stomachs could keep it together, but pushing on with hope. My stomach has shrunk a lot.

This past week we had interviews with Pres. Snow. We all met in the morning at the Chamblee building -- we met with one of the other districts in our zone. 
President Lowell M. Snow

I was the last one to be interviewed. Pres and I sat down and we just talked about things: what I've learned so far, the growth I've made, what I could do to help the Chamblee branch, etc. We had some good conversation. 

I went into that meeting with something on my mind, and I finally brought it up at the very last. I said to him, "President, I've been thinking how I am so grateful for the many opporitunities I've had here and for all of the things I've learned as a Zone Leader. I almost hesitate in asking, but I would like to be dropped and put into Spanish for my last transfer and just be a normal missionary."

Pres. Snow looked at me very thoughtfully. My heart rejoiced! I took this as a good sign. After a few seconds, he smiled and said, "Elder Heimuli, I can't do that."
Dang it. I won't share with you all that he said after that, but it was good. He appreciated the work I've been doing here and said I have a LOT more I need to do before I leave -- especially now with Pres. Harding coming in on the 22nd.

That probably means I'm staying right here.

This past Friday we had a Zone Leader Council meeting and it was a bittersweet one cuz it was the last one with the Snows. That may be the last time I get to see them in person. They have only been here for 9 weeks and they've made such a great impact on me. Some of the greatest people I've known -- and I've really come to love and respect them. 

At the end of the meeting they expressed to us how much they loved us. They didn't expect to get so attached when they left. Sister Snow put it this way, "It feels like we adopted a baby, and 12 weeks later the birth mom comes and asks for it back."

We all chuckled half-heartedly as she shared this with tears in her eyes. Everyone of us felt it, too. I am hoping to see them one more time before the 22nd rolls around, but IDK. They are just SO AWSOME!!! I'll really miss Pres. and Sis. Snow a lot.
One of the many great benefits of ZLC -- besides the obvious blessing of meeting with Pres. & Sis. Snow -- was reuniting with other great leaders/former companions Elder "Prince" Charlesworth (from Pleasant Grove) and Elder Anderson (from Canada)
Things are going well here. E. Smith and I are getting along great and just doing work. We're both amazed at how quickly the time goes by. 
Sitting in front of a pub (what?) with Elder Smith (from North Carolina)...

H is very excited to be baptized. Oh, and he's the only one who went to church. We got in to see him the other night and he said he wants to get baptized this month! We're just gonna keep teaching him and when he's gone, he'll just hop on into the water. Ky, we haven't talked to for a little while. I don't know who Karen is, but Kn is doing well. She reads everything we give her and is there for all our appointments. We're going back this Wednesday.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all that you do for us kids. I know that things are stressful and tight and you don't get the appreciation that you deserve, but I wanna say thanks for all you do from all of us kids. I'm sure the Lord is blessing you for giving me the chance to come closer to Him and to help others know the Gospel as well. Probably the best way to thank you is to just work hard here in the mission field. I'm sure Hevynn feels the same. She's working and studying hard to make the best of the opporitunity you've given her.

It kinda works that way with the Atonement, too, yeah? Christ doesn't expect us to pay Him back, or anything like that, for His sacrifice. He just wants us to make the MOST of the Atonement. That is how we can show our thanks to Him. Judging from biblical evidence, I am SURE that when He was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He felt like things were tight and pretty stressful when he cried out, "Abba (father), why hast thou forsaken me?" But He did it for each one of us! As we read the scriptures, we understand that Christ did it alone, but He did it so we don't ever have to be alone. We can ALWAYS have faith that He will be with us. That's the kind of faith y'all have and it's so cool to see!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

It's Elder Bakes (one of Elder Heimuli's sons) b-day today so last night E. Smith and I made him a MAD b-day cake. It's freaking cool. 
Upon closer inspection, the MAD b-day cake E. Smith & E. Heimuli made for E. Bakes appears to be the Savior standing outside the tomb. That IS pretty freaking cool!
Yay! Houston made a TD! I almost jumped out of my chair I was so excited!

Anyways, that is all. Much love from the ATL and I hope to talk to you next week!

--E. Heimuli

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