Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 92 - I Hope I Don't Lose Charity

Dear Mother,

I did get the package w the hawaiian candy and stuff in it. Thank you so much! The pake cake and almond cookies are almost gone haha E. Smith loves them just as much as I do! The package was kind of a call back down to earth for me in a way. My mission has kinda been this dream where my only cares are the cares of other people.

When Dad asked me about school in the letter it hit me HARD that I'm almost done. This dream will be over and I'll have to get back into the grind and worry about myself...I hope I don't lose charity for other people, though. I've been thinking a lot about school and what I want to do. I feel good about staying at Weber and working hard there.

This past week has been yet again a blur. E. Smith and I were freaking out Saturday night cuz we could have SWORN that Sunday was the just the day before.
At church with Bro. Lisonbee (Incredible Ward Mission Leader), Elder Smith, Elder Shelly

The exchanges really make time fly. We went w two other companionships this past week.

On Tuesday I was with E. Bakes!!!! I was so happy hahaha! We tore it up! That night we saw two of his solid investigators and a less active family I worked with when I was there over a year ago...weird to say. Things are looking up over there. I remember when opened that area w E. Shumway and the work was TERRIBLE!!! Bakes and I took a stroll down memory lane and recounted all of our shenanigans that we pulled when we were in C. He said that whole day he felt like things were backwards cuz he thought I was supposed to be the one driving and making decisions of where to go. That boy is about to hit his year mark. Kids just grow up too darn fast! (he loved his cake btw)

Three Generations Picture
Happy to be with "grandbaby" Elder Barrett & "son" Elder Bakes

We are still in the process of teaching H, and he is almost there. The schedule is still making it hard for us to see him but we go by atleast once a week. We finished with the main lessons and are going into the little ones like chastity and the word of wisdom and so forth. He wants to be baptized THIS week but we'll see if we can get everything taught. We're going by tonight so hopefully it all goes well. He can only come every other sunday to church cuz of work, so he wasn't there yesterday. Next week, though! A little about him: he is from SL, A. His wife is a member and they have been married for 3 years. They have the CUTEST 1 year old girl that destroys everything--but you can't get mad at her cuz she just looks at you and gives a little laugh that melts your heart! They moved here from C about 4 months ago and fit everything they owned in a white jeep grand cherokee. The other day they finally acquired their first piece of furniture--a wooden chair. We teach them sitting on the floor in their pretty vacant house.

Ky came yesterday too! It was a small miracle cuz we haven't even talked to her for about 2 weeks and she just showed up with her two kids. I was able to say hey right before sacrament but she bounced before I had another chance to talk to her. (obviously the Heimuli's aren't so great at rock-paper-scissors cuz I had to pass the sacrament and couldn't sit next to her during the meeting) IDK what's going on w Ky but she came. She knows something is true.

I feel like I had a lot more funny stories to tell you but I can't remember them now. The weather here is cooling down and it's fantastic! The fall here is beautiful! I'm excited for the arrival of Pres. Harding and very sad that the Snows are leaving. Why can't they just have two presidents, just until I leave! That'd be great!

Georgia Atlanta Mission Zone Leaders with Pres. Lowell M. Snow & Sis. Tamara Snow
Football is here and we heard all the drama at church today. There are still VERY die hard cougar fans here in Georgia. Freak.

Love you all so much and I hope ya'll have a great week!

--Love, E. Heimuli

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