Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 84 - Wish I Could Be There to Talk to Momi

Hey Mom!!

It's so hard to believe it's been a week already! Time is no respecter of persons (I think I'm using that phrase right...oh, English) and sooner or later we all run out of time. 

One thing I'm learning is to take advantage of everyday. Don't wait 'til tomorrow to do what you can do today. As i have lived that motto I have seen many great things happen--and honestly it makes things a lot more fun! One of my regrets in my short life is NOT taking advantage of the now. NOT focusing on the fact that I'm "in the middle" like Pres. Uchtdorf said and making the most out of where I am. I always dwelt on the past and put things off, saying, "I got PLENTY of time to do/learn that." Time is running out and I feel the pressure! I am in a position that is stretching me and forcing me to find things to improve or learn and I just wish that I had learned some of this stuff earlier hahaha. My own fault :) 

A wise man once said, "wise people learn from their mistakes, but SUPER wise people learn from other peoples mistakes." Learn from me! Don't waste time!

Hansen, Romero and I are all doing great! Things have been busy but I love it! Like I said, this transfer so far has been a lot of learning for me. I'm still struggling with the English, but I'll get the gift of tongues sooner or later, I hope. ha.

Last week we had a zone leader council with President Snow (meeting with all the zone leaders in the mission) where we talked for 6 hours about how the Lord wants us to do missionary work. Our mission is at an all time low for baptisms and thats because we aren't using the priesthood keys in the work. There were a lot of things discussed and it was a very powerful meeting. I was exhausted after that. Then, we talked for 2 hours about how we need to build more faith in our work. It's true. I am very excited because we are just following what the apostles ask us to do. No crazy schemes or programs (which I've always hated and felt were unnecessary) just following the guidance of the apostles with faith. It's been kind of a battle trying to get some of the members on board, but we'll do it. We don't wanna over step our bounds or the line of authority so we're taking it slow.

There have been a lot of awsome things going on here in Lithonia. One big thing is that we had a lesson with Leasa on sunday right after church and it went very well. She went in to it with some questions concerning the BoM and as she was talking to us and voicing her issues w it she slowly started to just resolve her own doubts. We didn't say anything haha. Leasa ended up saying, "well, you know what, I guess I don't have any concerns. I know it's true." When we asked what her next step was, she answered, "baptism and the temple." Awsome. We committed her for the 4th of August. Please pray for her. She needs to stay strong until then.

I got the package! No worries. Thanks so much! There's not too much I remember about my week...sorry. I keep a good journal, though, so we can talk details when I come home. Our zone has 9 companionships: 3 Spanish, 5 English (one are sisters), and one Vietnamese. 19 people total. Not that big. Camree is just in the zone next door, so I see him quite a bit. We work closely w them because we're in the same stake. I'm sorry I don't have my posterity picture cuz I was too lazy to use my camera, but I can get it from Bakes or Thomas.

I wish I could be there to talk to Aunty Momi in person but I guess that's not what the Lord needs me to be doing right now. Sounds like she has a lot of support and love right there at home and I am so glad. I love her and Uncle Tini so much and I am just so grateful for their sacrifice and love in putting money toward my mission--they have given me a chance to have wonderful experiences out here and I guess the only real way to ever pay her and uncle back is to do my best to give someone else the blessings of the gospel. So rest assured, I'm working hard!

I really do feel your love for me as you all pray and think about me. Thank you so much and hope my small prayers for you all can be felt as well. Love ya'll!

==Elder Heimuli==

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