Monday, July 16, 2012

Week 83 - Weird How Quiet I've Become in English

Hey Mom!

I have LOTS to tell you and little time to do so. Let's see.

First of all, over the past 2 weeks, the mission has become TOTALLY different. We were told before the Satterfields left that the mission wasn't gonna change much between Satterfield and Harding, but that was false haha. We are completely different...but the same...haha.

I left C-town, and even though it was very redneck and difficult to work in, I was VERY sad to leave. The people I met there were so awsome and I honestly thought I was gonna be there for one more transfer but, like I said, things change--and in my case, completely! I said goodbye to wonderful families like the Woodruffs, the Monroes and the Lopezes.

I'm not a very emotional person and saying "goodbye" really doesn't affect me much, but this time it was pretty difficult. I didn't cry or anything but I was definately bummed out. I also left the most wonderful district as well!

Getting to know them and serve them was such a blessing. It's amazing how much love you get for the people you try to serve. Sister Trammell gave me a hug at transfers, which surprised me, and she said, "I'm old, I can do that." Hahaha

Transfers was on Wednesday and since then we have been BUSY. I haven't gone to bed earlier than 11:30 once this week. So much to do.

My new companions are Elder Hansen (the other ZL from St. George, UT. His aunt and uncle live in Bountiful. Brandi Johnson I think is his aunts name...IDK) and then Elder Romero (greenie from Murray, UT).

So this is a first for me in a trio. Hard to get used to cuz I feel like we intimidate people when we knock at their door, but it's been really fun. These two guys are awsome! Elder Gautavai is being trained by ZLs as well in the neighboring zone. It's was so cool seeing him and talking to him!

Well, we opened up a new zone (the Atlanta East Zone) and things have been kinda hectic. No one knows exactly where the new boundaries are and our DLs were having trouble for a bit, but we're all good now. Elder Bakes (one of of my sons) is one of my DLs and is training!!!! I am so proud of him. Got me a grandbaby :) We took a "posterity" picture at transfers (where it was me and the 4 people i trained and the ones that they trained) and there were quite a few people in it. None of that stuff matters, but I thought it was fun.

This area is amazing. I still feel weird cuz I'm an english missionary now but I'm getting adjusted. It's weird how quiet I've become in english hahaha. We have some AWSOME investigators here and the ward is fantastic. I feel so pampered here cuz things are seeming to flow a lot easier. Blessings for all the hard times ha! Please pray for Leasa and Kimberly and Brandon please!

Well, that's all the time I have to write. Sorry. Love you guys lots and hope to get more time next week!
--E. Heimuli

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