Monday, May 14, 2012

Semana 74 - The Best Kids In the World

Hey mom!

Yeah, Mother's Day was pretty great! I'm so glad it went so well for you! Pretty sure you've got the best kids in the world hahaha!!!

Anyways, here's how my day went. Church was good. It was pretty small attendance because of Mother's Day (i'm guessing). We had no investigators to church and the less active families that were coming back didn't show up either. BUT E, a less active youth came back today for the first time in a while, so that was cool!! The rest of church was about the same. After that, the senior couple here, the Trammells invited us and the sisters to dinner at their house so I made otai and we had sloppy joes and chips and stuff. It was good and was just great to spend time with them. We have some cool people here in C-town hahaha.

Then I called you guys and that was awsome!!! But that is pretty much it. Hope you have a great week and I'll talk to ya soon!!!!

--Elder Heimuli

(Note from Mom: FINALLY! More pix!)

Elder H didn't provide the usual caption/commentary, so I'm just gonna take a stab here...

After a long, hot day of biking, Elder Heimuli & Elder Nay look pretty worn out:

I don't think they're brushing up on the Electric Slide. I don't know WHAT the heck is happening here? He used to be such a good dancer...

Amazing how these cute little gals gave Elder H "antlers" and put that huge stick through his head. Looks like Nay is feeling the pain much more than Elder H, haha.

I'm guessing this little guy is now Elder H's best bud. What a cutie!

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