Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Semana 75 - Hi Mom! I Didn't Get an Email Today...

(Note from Mom: Yeah, seeing those words can jolt me out of a jet-lagged, comatose state into a guilt-ridden, "how could I forget to write" state pretty quick!)

hi mom! I didn't get an email I was wondering if it failed to send or what. k, bye!


Hi son, It was a looong night spent in LAX. Sorry about that! Hawaii was nice. Maveu's wedding was gigantic. We stayed with Aunty Kookie because there were tons of people in Kahuku. Hems and Norms tried to make it but they couldn't get out of SLC. I'll write you more in a real letter. Did you get our box with letters? How is your mouth doing with the antibiotics? I really want to set up a root canal and I can even let President Satterfield know if you want me to get his permission. Let me know, k? Dallan came over for dinner last week to introduce us to his girlfriend. She is cute...maybe we will have another wedding this year in addition to Tama and Sifa (they are NOT marrying each other, by the way, haha). Love you son! Let me know if you need anything. Hi to Elder Nay! Are you sending me more pics, I hope?

Love lots,
Mom Xoxoxoxo


Haha it's ok, I was just wondering if you wanted to know something specific about my week. I'm glad you guys made it all home safely! Man, I remember those days of flying around wondering if we're gonna make a flight or not. Good times! Our branch president actually works for Delta too! He is a mechanic here in Atlanta. We had dinner at their house yesterday and we were talking about traveling and it was really cool.

I did get the package and it was great! Thanks a ton! It's so great to hear from everyone and I'm glad they all got my letters--since they're so few and far between. My mouth is doing well and the antiboitics are working. I think it would be good to schedule an appointment. I have someone who can take me to Marietta if we need to. It'll probably be good to let President know so maybe they have some things they can do from there. But yeah, I can smile now so that's a relief:) I looked super weird just walking around with a fat upper lip and not showing any emotion on my face. haha

This week was normal. Well, Wednesday was when the tooth pain was the worst. It hurt so bad I couldn't think! I tried to study that morning but at about 830 I just gave up and went and layed down. At around 12 I woke up cuz we had some appointments that we couldn't miss in the afternoon. We went ahead and biked out and did those. It was funny cuz I really didn't talk or show emotion during our lessons cuz my mouth hurt so much. Then I came back during dinner and died haha. It was a long day! I decided early in my mission that I wouldn't stop anything stop me from working--so that's what's up.

We had some successes and some...not so successes ha. With one of our investigators, our neighbor Kevin, we had a church tour where we just went in the chapel and showed him around, explaining things as we went. We really are trying to get him to go to church and I think he'll be there shortly. As for Spanish-speaking investigators, we have one, Berta, who wants to go to church this next sunday she just needs to be woken up in the mornings so we're excited about that. We'll get her there!

This past week we had a zone conference and it was the last one of Pres. and Sis. Satterfield. I know I say this a lot, but this one was SO GOOD!!! I learned so many things.

Elder Helam K. Heimuli & President Steven H. Satterfield

One thing was just that I felt that the Satterfields really love each and every one of the missionaries serving here like they would their own kids. Pres wanted to leave us with some knowledge so he gave us all the "returning missionary" speech haha. He gave us advice about college, finances and dating!!! Can you say TRUNKY??!!! hahahaha I learned some really good stuff and all the things they talked about tied into gospel principles. EVERYTHING good in this world ties to gospel principles! Among those were the principle of DILIGENCE, INTELLIGENCE, DISCIPLINE. Super good things that I'm always trying to improve on. Also in the conference they had us each write a letter to Pres. and Sis. Harding to welcome them and tell them a bit about ourselves and then they are gonna take them and send all the letters bunch by bunch. I thought that was a cool idea. They said the president before them did that and they loved it!

I don't have any other pics. I'm slacking on taking 'em. Sorry. I'll try and get some good ones this next week, ok? Darn, sounds like I'm missing all the weddings. There's gonna be no one to hang out with when I get home! haha Love you mom! Tell everyone I said hi!

--E. Heimuli

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