Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Surprise Email...Ouch!

(Note from Mom: Now that we're on our 2nd missionary, I've learned that "no news" REALLY IS "good news." I used to stress out when I didn't get a weekly email from Hema in Ecuador. I was such a rookie. This time, I received a surprise email from Elder H mid-week entitled "please"...which means "bad news." And here's how that brief conversation went:)

Subject: please

Hey mom I was wondering if you could get me a prescription for like antibiotics? I have absessed tooth and it's killing me, but I can't get a dentist organized for a little while. So i just need the pain and swelling to stop...If you could, there's a CVS over here on Main St.

--love e. heimuli


Ok, I called and talked to Jen at Dr. P's office. She is going to call in your prescription to CVS Pharmacy over there. You should be able to swing by there in a couple of hours to pick it up. I don't know how much it will cost but I called CVS and faxed your insurance information over to them so hopefully it won't break your budget this week.

She also said the antibiotics will help with the pain for a little while but as long as you continue to eat/drink, it will eventually be a problem again. She said you have needed a root canal since they saw you over a year ago! Why didn't you tell me? If you weren't there on a mission I'd be mad.

She referred your case to a root canal specialist in Roswell. I would like to call his office and set up an appointment for you. The problem is I don't know how far away Roswell is from you and it would be at least 2 appointments -- 1 for consultation, and the other for the actual root canal (and for your teeth, who knows?). Let me know if that works for you.

Love lots,


Yeah, sorry I didn't tell ya. Wow, time flies by!!!! When we were in Dunwoody almost a year ago we didn't have a car to drive anywhere and since it was a newly opened area we had to work and didn't have time to slow we didn't hahaha. Thanks so much!

Yeah, Roswell is pretty far...especially for us bikers ha. It's right next to Marietta about and hour and a half south from here. I'm sure we can work something out for a ride but it'll be kinda tricky setting it all up... But thank you so much! I knew you could help me out! Sorry, hope I didn't put you out too much!

Love you!

PS. So did you guys go to the funeral? Just wondering...oh yeah, I wrote Bro. Ho Ching too
(Note from Mom: Helam met Elder Ho Ching in the MTC and they became fast friends. Sadly, Elder Ho Ching's mom suddenly passed away last week.)

--E. Heimuli

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