Monday, May 28, 2012

Semana 76 - Looking for Someone Who Loves Jesus...or Carne Asada

Happy Memorial Day! Yesterday, I was actually thinking about us going over to grandma's grave and just thinking about how dad is such a good son for doing that every year. I kinda feel bad for the times where I didn't go with dad cuz I realize how important family is...which is REALLY important haha. I'm so slow sometimes.

I'm at the Trammells' house today doing emails--they're the senior couple up here from Idaho, I'm sure I told you about them already. We're here for a bit and then after this we're gonna go up to R and play some volleyball with the rest of our district. It's the last pday of the transfer. This wednesday is transfers and we know one of us is leaving. We're sure it's Elder Nay but we'll see tonight when we get calls. Came quick, yeah?

My tooth is ok. It doesn't hurt when I smile anymore so that's good. I haven't talked to Pres. Woodruff yet cuz I just got your email, but I'll get on that soon. Hopefully we'll get this all sorted out soon.

This past week was good. We tried really hard to get some of our investigators to church and get some new investigators but none of that really happened. Oh well, we just gotta keep pushing right? We were biking around in the HEAT of the afternoon (oh man, it's getting hot up here) and we saw some hispanics outside and decided to talk to them. To break the ice quicker I asked 'em in spanish, "Hey, we're looking for someone who loves Jesus. Can you help us out?" and the two guys that were there laughed and we were able to talk for a bit. They said they were catholic and denied our offer to learn more about the gospel, but then one guy's like, "But do you guys like carne asada? Come back in a little bit and come get something to eat." So we did just that. They were having a party cuz someone's kid graduated middle school (these folks find ANY reason to party) and we were able to sit down and talk to the adults, play around with all the cute kids and eat some dang good food. That's something I miss about being out of Atlanta, less hispanics means less delicious hispanic food. So, at least now we're friends with them. We'll see if we can sneak in a few pamphlets or lessons while we're here haha.

So like I said, we had no investigators to church. We went early sunday morning to wake up Berta and get her to church. No luck. We know that someone was awake, probably her kids but they didn't answer and Kevin was at the lake.

Sounds like you had a nice sacrament meeting listening to the Hardings. I am really excited to meet them, they sound awsome! (Did you get a chance to talk to them about me going home in November?)

Thanks for the update. It's so true that it all comes down to choices...but it's interesting how the battle starts WAY before that. I talked to my district last week about Virtue. Virtue starts within your inermost thoughts and desires. Basically, good thoughts and desires lead to good actions, and bad thoughts and desires lead to bad choices. We're all given the knowledge of good and evil so there's NO WAY that we can think on something evil or carnal and feel good about it--that just doesn't happen. We know when we think on something good. If we always keep good thoughts centered on the Savior and decide NOW that we will follow the commandments, our decision will be made long before we are faced with a situation where our actions are put to the test. Honestly, for me, I know that when we choose to follow Christ -- and really DO actually follow Him -- we have happiness and joy. Besides the path leading to God, the only other path leads to misery and pain. (There's a scripture in Alma about that...i forgot which though.) So that's the battle we all must face on a daily basis but if we do we will make better choices and be happier in life! Once again I've realized that the things that I learn on my mission are AMAZING and I couldn't have done it anywhere else in such short a time.

Everything is going good here. I love you and the whole fam! I'll send pics in a bit:)

--E. Heimuli

View of the little town from the top of the elders' apartment

Mormon Church Rd...where there is actually no Mormon church on the road whatsoever...

Maybe they could rename it Mormon Missionary Rd...

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  1. Your "Semanas" are going up really fast! I'm a wee bit jealous. What a great example Elder Heimuli is to us!